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Ms. Galene Gia Martinez

Ms. Galene G. Martinez Introduction

I am an Instrumental Music teacher with Stockton Unified School District.  I am originally from Stockton, California.  I graduated from Stagg High School in Stockton, and I am happy to be back in my hometown and working for the district that I attended for all of my K-12 public education.  I previously taught with Los Angeles Unified for 26 years, teaching traveling elementary orchestra for grades 3-5, grades 6-8 middlie school all levels of band, orchestra and guitar, as well as high school all levels of band, guitar, and orchestra.  I taught multiple years of technology classes as well during my time with LAUSD.        

Educational Philosophy

No matter if a student chooses to become a musician or technician as a lifetime career, or just a consumer of music & technology during their lifetime, the basic fundamentals and foundations of music & technology should be taught to and experienced by all students in school, as music & technology are an integral part of human nature and development. My job is to further a young person’s knowledge, not only of music & technology, but also of all the arts & education in order to help make the student into a more informed and productive person in our society.

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