Homework & All Other Class Assignments

I use the free website service of Yourhomework.com for calendaring of my homework assignments, in-class assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. You can register for free in order to login in and check for a listing of all class assignments. Please click here to go to my teacher page, from there you can see my classes, assisgnments, and files. All of the files are also on this site on each class page


Music Theory Lessons Homework

I currently do not give weekly written homework for the music classes, as were are a performanced based class. I have previously done weekly written music theory assignemnts, and they are a wonderful tool for learning music theory. Many students enjoy doing the worksheets. If you are having trouble learning the music theory these lessons are a great tool in helping you learn the theory. Please download them, and do them on your own so that you can learn what is needed for class. I have two levels of lessons listed below. You may download the all the lessons at once as a zip file, and then go through them at your own pace.

Zip File of Level 1 & 2 Lessons